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High quality waxes for plant growth

Proagriwax consists of a wide range of wax products extensively used for vines and other plants produced by bench grafting. When this method is employed wax is normally used at three stages in the process.

Stage 1: Immediately after the mechanical joint has been made in order to contain the humidity and create a physical barrier against fungal attack.

Stage 2: When the freshly jointed plant is transplanted from the growing boxes to the nursery fields or greenhouses. Wax is added in order to seal the callus for the first days and weeks until the vascular tissues are connected.

Stage 3: After harvesting the one year old plant from the nursery field and subsequently cold storage. Wax is applied to improve the storage properties of the plant and to ensure a successful plantation in the vineyard.

The Proagriwax products are used worldwide and has over a period of 20 years become one of the market leading brands for grafting wax.