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Proagriwax Atlantic

Proagriwax Atlantic is a wax for cold storage in temperate regions. It is softer at elevated temperatures than the Proagriwax Mediterranean and Proagriwax Tropical. Proagriwax Atlantic is supplied in the colours green or red depending on customer preference.

Typical working temperature is from 80 0C to 82 0C.

Test Method Typical value
Congealing point ASTM D938 70 – 73 oC
Viscosity ASTM D445 14 – 19 cSt
Penetration 25 C ASTM D 1321 20 – 24 dmm
Penetration 43,3 C ASTM D1321 60 – 85 dmm
Drop point ASTM D3954 70 – 78 oC
Oil content ASTM D721 < 3%
Colour Green or Red