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Proagriwax 72/78 B

Proagriwax 72/78 B is the most heat resistant wax in the Proagriwax series and is typically mixed with Proagriwax Mediterranean in order to increase the melting point of the latter. This is normally done when the temperature increases in the nursery late in the planting season, which requires a wax with a higher softening point.

Typical working temperature during application is from 83 ┬░C to 88 ┬░C. Because of the high melting point some clients use an agitator to avoid the formation of a solid layer on the surface of the wax melt.


Test Method Typical value
Congelaing point ASTM D938 72 – 78 ┬░C
Viscosity ASTM D445 13 – 18 cSt
Penetration 25 ┬░C ASTM D1321 16 – 25 dmm
Penetration 43,3 ┬░C ASTM D1321 45 – 82 dmm
Drop point ASTM D3954 74 – 82 ┬░C
Oil content ASTM D721 < 2 %
Colour Neutral/brownish