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Proagriwax Mediterranean

Proagriwax Mediterranean is a wax for moderate to high temperature regions. It is our most popular wax because it is ideal for usage both in the nursery field at springtime and cold storage in the autumn. This wax formulation balances the requirements for heat resistance and hardness in the nursery fields with the necessary flexibility for cold storage. It contains polymer additives to avoid early cracking at low night temperatures and can tolerate large temperature swings from sunny days to cold nights. Proagriwax Mediterranean is supplied in the colours green or red depending on customer preference.

Typical working temperature during application is 80 ┬░C to 83 ┬░C.

Test Method Typical value
Congealing point ASTM D938 65 – 69 ┬░C
Viscosity ASTM D445 13 -17 cSt
Penetration 25 ┬░C ASTM D 1321 16 – 22 dmm
Penetration 43,3 ┬░C ASTM D1321 60 – 85 dmm
Drop point ASTM D3954 70 – 78 ┬░C
Oil content ASTM D721 < 2%
Colour Green or Red