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Proagriwax RH Series

The Proagriwax RH products contains auxins to stimulate callus formation. Because there are different traditions and requirements for the use of auxins, the Proagriwax RH product range consist of three products.

Proagriwax RH contains the active form of the hormone 2,5-Dichlorobenzoic Acid. The concentration of the active auxin is 0,002%. This form of auxin is soluble in water, and only a small amount can be dissolved into the wax using special technology. When applied to the graft union the hormone will migrate to the contact surface between the wax and plant in order to stimulate callus formation.

Proagriwax RH-E is a product that contains the bond form of the hormone 2,5-Dichlorobenzoic Acid, in the chemical form Methyl-2,5-Dichlorobenzoate. The concentration of the bond auxin is 0,0035%. This form is not water soluble but can be easily dissolved in wax. This chemical form of the hormone will migrate to the contact surface between wax and plant, but must be chemically transformed by plant metabolism to become active in the acid form.

Proagriwax RH-Mix contains a combination of 0,0008% 2,5-Dichlorobenzoic Acid and 0,0025% Methyl-2,5-Dichlorobenzoate. Proagriwax RH Mix is by this a combination of Proagriwax RH and Proagriwax RH-E.

The use of auxins to stimulate plant growth must be done with care and based on experience. Different combinations of rootstocks and scions require different concentrations of auxins. Because of this we recommend to use the neutral Proagriwax 60/66 W to dilute the Proagriwax RH products to reach the optimal concentration. Typical working temperature for all the Proagriwax RH products is 80 ┬░C.

Test Method Typical value
Congealing point ASTM D938 60-65 ┬░C
Viscosity ASTM D445 12-16 cSt
Penetration 25 ┬░C ASTM D1321 16- 20 dmm
Penetration 43,3 ┬░C ASTM D1321 55 – 80 dmm
Drop point ASTM D3954 65 – 70 ┬░C
Oil content ASTM D721 < 2%
Content 2,5-Dichlorobenzoate(*)(**) In House Se below
Colour Red
(*) RH -Mix and RH-F 0,0025 % 2,5-Dichlorobenzoate and 0.0008 % 2,5 -Dichlorobenzoic acid
(**) RH 0.002% 2,5 Dichloro benzoic acid
(***) RH Ester contains 0.0035 % 2,5 Dichlorobenzoate