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Wax for callusing

The wax used in the callusing process creates a physical barrier that reduces water loss and ensure good sanitary conditions in the jointed plant parts. This wax can also contain an auxin to stimulate callus formation. All waxes containing auxins have a red colour for identification and to improve the visibility of the growing callus.

The callusing wax should be flexible in order to follow the growth of the callus. Proagriwax callusing waxes contain special plastic waxes that ensures a high flexibility without becoming too soft at high field temperatures.

Wax for the nursery/green house

The graft with the newly formed callus must be protected with a new wax layer before they are planted in the nursery field. This is to prevent desiccation until the plant is able to establish a root system that can pick up water. This wax must have good heat resistance to avoid partial melting which can cause damage to the plant during a warm day. At the same time the wax must be flexible in order to avoid cracking during cold nights. The Proagriwax nursery waxes contain polymer additives in order to tolerate these large temperature fluctuations.

Climate varies across the world and through the growing season. Taking these variations into consideration, the Proagriwax product range gives the farmer the opportunity to select waxes with appropriate physical properties.

Wax for cold storage

In order to conserve the plants during cold storage a layer of wax is applied. This wax has to stay on the plant throughout handling, shipping and replanting. The wax also has a positive influence on the plant’s ability to establish when planted in its final destination.

Important features with this wax is that it is sufficiently flexible in order not to fall off when the plant is handled in cold storage, while avoiding softening at elevated temperatures in the field. The quality of the wax is especially important when planting in warm areas and/or when the field irrigation is insufficient. The Proagriwax product range offer waxes for colder and warmer planting conditions.